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John B. Anthony Co. Expands into New England & Upstate NY

Fairfield NJ, John B. Anthony Co.: Effective September 1, 2015, The John B. Anthony Co. will appoint David J. Bierut Director of Sales for New England and Upstate New York. In addition, Robert Lowig will be joining John B. Anthony’s renowned and well respected team after heading up sales for Upstate NY. X-Media Sales will be absorbed into the John B. Anthony Co.’s New England and Upstate New York division. The existing synergy between both firms will finally converge, thus creating a stronger and more focused organization

From our business partners’ perspectives, this will be completely transparent and ultimately benefit the entire partner base (the dealers we service and the manufacturers we represent). Partners will now benefit from the combined resources of three territories to deliver higher quality and more efficient service and support. Our collective efforts will allow us to become more productive, focused and consistent. The change will be transparent and welcoming, a true win-win for all our partners.


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